Location: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Doha, Qatar

Date: 20 February 2024

Future Of Education Summit – Qatar

Leveraging advanced digital technologies to deliver enhanced learning


Today, the education sector is at a pivotal moment. Schools, Colleges and universities are in the middle of a significant shift in educational models, transforming the learning experience and are helping to power innovation in the sector. We are witnessing brand new platform for academics, schools, universities, which are changing the way the industry delivers knowledge and how students receive them.


As our world becomes more digital, it is very important for us to understand how these shapes our definition of learning and how we need to begin to imagine what the future looks like and be prepared and ready for it.


By asking questions like how our curriculum should evolve? How do we broaden how learning is delivered? How do we integrate new technologies and bring innovation into the learning experience to not only improve student outcomes, but also to raise a new generation of future youths that would lead our not so far digital future.


Aligned with the Qatar vision 2030, Future of Education Qatar Summit, we would engage with industry leaders and experts from within Qatar to look at how the sector is changing in the region and how government and institutions can take advantage of innovative ideas and solutions to remain competitive in the new knowledge economy of the future.